Back To Life Review 2018 – Should You Buy It?

Don’t Buy Emily’s Back To Life Program Until You Read This Review Which Is Based On Hours Of Research And My Personal Experience With This Program. Read On!!

Hello and I would like to welcome you to my Emily Lark’s Back To Life review (also known as Erase My Back Pain)

back painPain is such an agonizing experience for humans. Pain affects the daily work and emotional well-being of a person. Back pain is such a complex condition if it persists for more than 12-15 weeks then it becomes chronic. Chronic Pain characterized by the feeling of stiffness and soreness. Most time it is diagnosed to originated from various factors like diseases, injury and prolong stress work on the back. However, in some cases, there isn’t any apparent reason for the pain.

It doesn’t matter whats the reason behind your back pain is, Emily Lark recently launched a new program called “Back To Life” (aka Erase My Back Pain) in which she claims to provide a step-by-step routine to tone stomach, thighs, and hips to end the back pain without pills and surgery.

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Let’s start this Back To Life review by talking about its author.

Meet Emily Lark:

Emily is helping women in losing weight and getting fit since 2004. She became fitness and yoga instructor in 2004, and since then many women achieve their ideal weight with her guidance.

Emily LukeEmily founded her first Yoga studio in 2014 with the message “Every Body is Welcome!” for people with any income background.

At the age of 12, she suffered a major accident which left chronic back pain to her. At the age of 28, the pain so severe that she has to quit her work to get treatment for back pain. Doctors suggest her surgery as the only solution, but Emily resisted. She starts finding a better way to treat it, and for this, she consults some top back experts.

Emily gathers information she received from top back specialists and also include her yoga knowledge to create a ten-minute workout routine to rehabilitate herself. She is now living pain-free for over a decade and helping others to get relief from back pain with her same ten-minute workout routine.

To share her powerful technique with more people she decided to create ‘Back To Life’ to relieve back pain and bring back flexibility back in the body.

If you are interested in Emily’s Back To Life then you can watch the video below: (video opens in new tab)


If you or your loved one suffering from back pain then you must read this Back To Life Review.

About ‘Back To Life’:

Back To Life SystemThis program created by Emily Lark, a yoga instructor, and previous back pain sufferer. The Back To Life Healthy Back System is a comprehensive system that offers step-by-step guidelines and 10-minute routine to strengthen your core muscles and put an end to back pain.

Emily designed this program especially for people over 40 who are suffering from back pain, anxiety, weight gain, and insomnia.

Emily claims she wasted thousands of dollars on mainstream and alternative treatment for back pain like massage, acupuncture and physical therapy but didn’t find any bit of relief. Then, she decided to spend many years in researching about best and permanent for back pain.

After years of research and lot of trial and errors, she came up with a set of stretches and movements to relieve her back pain.

Doctors and fitness experts suggest to stretch and massage your core muscle to relieve back pain but, according to Emily, this doesn’t work every time because people don’t realize it is usually different muscle group that causing the pain.

Most of us get back pain due to desk/phone and computer-bound lifestyle that is why we all have similar imbalances and weak spots. Emily’s back pain treatment program addresses these issues and provides solution to end back pain permanently.

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How Can Exercises Stop Back Pain?

Back Exercises For WomenCarefully designed back exercises can distribute nutrients to your spinal column, feeding your muscles, nerves, and joints. Some back exercises strengthen your back and make it stronger. Back exercises can also treat weakness and stiffness that caused by resting for too long.

Exercises not only end your back pain but also prevent future back pain from coming again because you are increasing your back ability to handle the extra stress.

Choose Exercise Not The Rest

Before starting any exercise plan, you should consult your doctor first. It is important to keep in mind that not every back exercise is good for you. If your pain or injury is severe, then a back specialist can recommend technique according to your body need.

Emily Lurk’s Back To Life provides an exercise plan that works on the entire body even though the primary target is back.


Bonus #1 – Back To Life Companion Manual:

This bonus is the great addition to this program because it will give you complete step-by-step instructions of all healthy back moves along with pictures.

Most people like this bonus manual and want to start from it because it is easy to follow and more importantly they take it with them anywhere they go.

Bonus #2 – Back To Life Healthy Back Checklist:

Emily Lurk included this bonus to show some daily activities that are contributing towards back pain. Additionally, you will find out tools and tips that you can use to improve the health of your back

This bonus is great for your overall health and vitality so, it is important to go through it once in a week.

Back To Life review


Natural & 100% Safe:

good pointsEmily has provided a step-by-step method that is completely natural doesn’t need any pills or medicines. More importantly, this method is 100% safe to relieve back pain without any side effects.

Proven Plan:

Around 1000 people utilize this plan to relieve their back pain problems. It doesn’t matter since how long you are suffering from back pain you can get relief from back pain using the method provided by Emily in this program.

Step-By-Step Plan:

This plan doesn’t need any guesswork from your side. Emily has provided a complete step-by-step procedure that you can follow for a month or two to get permanent relief from back pain.

100% Money Back Guarantee Offer:

Very few people offer a money back guarantee, and you will be glad to know Emily is providing money back guarantee for full 60 days. I feel this is enough time to test out the program and find if it works for you or not. You will lose nothing by trying out this program.

Secondary Benefits:

Emily recommends some stretches inside this program that not only solve your back pain troubles but also tone your stomach and thighs muscles


Not A Substitute For Professional Advice

Please don’t ignore professional advice. Your doctor knows about your body more than you that is why if you have chronic back pain then I suggest you ask your doctor advice before starting this program.

My Final Verdict:

In the end of this Back To Life review, I would strongly recommend Emily’s program because it is affordable and comes with quality bonuses.

Back To Life is created for anyone suffering from back pain and want easy and straightforward to work with back exercises that are very much similar to Ian’s program. Keep in mind, Emily and Ian both are offering 60-days money back guarantee to try this risk-free solution for back pain.

Thanks for reading my Back To Life review and I hope you will find it helpful. Feel free to ask any question if you have regarding Back to Life program.access now

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